Chapter 1, Getting Started
Covers the basics of the App Store, setting up your Path to Success, and installing
Xcode on your computer.
Chapter 2, Introduction to Programming
Covers the basics of programming, including Model-View-Controller, and you will
build your very first app.
Chapter 3, Diving into Swift
Learn the basics of Swift, variable types, collections, and loops, and build a Tip
Chapter 4, Diving Deeper
Learn about methods, objects, and classes, and build a Race Car app.
Chapter 5, Building Multiscreen Apps
Covers view controllers, table views, and navigation controllers. Build your very
own Passport app.
Chapter 6, Next Steps: Debugging, Documentation, and App Icons
How to fix issues, learn from the documentation, and improve the Passport app.
Chapter 7, Devices and Auto Layout
How to make apps for different screen sizes using Auto Layout. Improve the Pass‐
port app.
Chapter 8, Maps and Location
Learn to use the GPS to find a user’s location, create maps, and plot points. Build
upon the Passport app.
Chapter 9, Camera, Photos, and Social Networks
Accessing the camera, viewing photos and videos, and adding Facebook and Twitter
sharing to your app. Create an app called Selfie for taking front-facing photos.
Chapter 10, Running on a Device
How to run your apps on your iOS device. Build upon the Selfie app.
Chapter 11, Submitting to the App Store
How to set up the required contracts, create an App Store listing, and submit your
Chapter 12, Managing and Marketing Your App
How to manage your app once it is on the App Store, and how to update and market
your app.