Chapter 1, The First App, sets up your Android development environment, and
then it helps you build and deploy your first simple app to an emulator and a real
Android device.
Chapter 2, Java – First Contact, teaches some absolute beginner Java coding as well
as shows you how to implement your first user interface design.
Chapter 3, Exploring Android Studio, gets to grips with the tools of the trade of
professional Android developers with a fast tour around Android Studio.
Chapter 4, Designing Layouts, focuses on building user interfaces by exploring the
layouts and widgets that make up an Android app as well as builds some apps that
demo our new skills.
Chapter 5, Real-World Layouts, takes user interfaces a step further by designing and
implementing some apps with layouts more like what you would see on professional
Android apps.
Chapter 6, The Life and Times of an Android App, explores how the Android operating
system works under the surface by building apps that demonstrate the Android
lifecycle and how we make it work for us.
Chapter 7, Coding in Java Part 1 – Variables, Decisions, and Loops, gives you the first
major glimpse of Java, the native language of Android, and the way we will be
bringing our apps to life. Zero previous coding experience is assumed.
Chapter 8, Coding in Java Part 2 – Methods, discusses that methods are one of the key
building blocks of all the apps we will make in this book. In this chapter, we will
build a few working mini apps to explore how to use methods.
Chapter 9, Object-Oriented Programming, states that OOP is the way that all modern
programming is done, especially Java. This chapter holds the key to using all the
advanced and exciting features contained in Android.
Chapter 10, Everything's a Class, will bring together everything we have seen in all the
other chapters so far. By the end of this chapter, our design and Java skills will be as
one and we will be well placed to start building apps with more advanced features.
Chapter 11, Widget Mania, covers the use of our new OOP, Java, and UI knowledge
that we will be able to use and interact with many of the user interface features
available in Android.