In recent years, WordPress has matured from the most popular blogging
platform to the most popular content management system. Thousands of
developers around the world are making a living from WordPress design and
development. As more and more people are interested in using WordPress, the
dream of using this amazing framework for web application development is
becoming possible.
The future seems bright as WordPress has already got dozens of built-in
features, which can be easily adapted to web application development using
slight modifications. Since you are already reading this book, you have to be
someone who is really excited to see how WordPress fits into web application
development. Throughout this book, we will learn how we can inject the best
practices of web development into the WordPress framework to build web
applications using a rapid process.
Basically, this book will be important for developers from two different
perspectives. On the one hand, beginner to intermediate level WordPress
developers can get knowledge of cutting-edge web development technologies
and techniques to build complex applications. On the other hand, web
development experts who are already familiar with popular PHP frameworks
can learn WordPress for rapid application development. So, let's get started!