Why a Book?
Okay, I have a confession. I read books on digital marketing. I like them. Prior to
writing this book, I wrote the Instructor’s Manual for Tuten and Solomon’s Social
Media Marketing textbook. I raise the point not to gloat but to address a common
question: When people know my field and my outlook on books, they ask, “Why a
book? The field changes too fast!” A good point, but the major thing I find missing in
the digital marketing industry is strategic outlook. There are a lot of questions and
focus on technology changes and tactics, but very little strategy. This is what you can
glean from books that is much harder to obtain from random blog posts. Books are
holistic and strategic. They give the reader an overall approach instead of the
fragmented thoughts of the business web today. So this has been my driving goal: to
educate others on strategic outlook and planning for WordPress and search engine
optimization success. That or try to come up with a decent joke to put in a big book on
technology. One of the two.
SEO and the World Today
The amazing thing about the practice of search engine optimization (and search engine
marketing, or SEM) is that it crosses so many boundaries. I come from a web design
background (started in the late 1990s), so I always had familiarity with SEO and input
the basics when building a website, even in the Web 1.0 days. However, I got heavy
into SEO when studying social media and digital marketing in my M.S. program at
Georgia State University. So I thought of these as marketing disciplines rather than
something else. Going into bookstores, however, I would find SEM/PPC and social
media in the marketing section (presumably because it is “advertising”) but not SEO.
SEO books would not be in the programming section, but in the graphic and web
design section (beside books on Photoshop, Fireworks, and prominent web design
firms and trends). This fascinates me because I thought of SEO as more the
copywriter’s role, or the social media marketer’s role, or even the