Chapter 1 teaches the advantages of WordPress development, and what WordPress has to
offer to plugin authors.
Chapter 2 creates a working, useful, and attractive WordPress plugin from scratch. It shows
how to extract information using the WordPress API and how to use CSS to improve the look
of our plugin.
Chapter 3 explores more cool things we can do with WordPress by livening up the default
WordPress blogroll. The purpose of the plugin is to display the most recent posts from the
sites listed in the blogroll using a nice pop-up window.
Chapter 4 uses the mixed approach, by taking advantage of creative WordPress and
JavaScript techniques, in order to create an Ajax powered 'Wall’ for your blog’s sidebar.
It introduces quite a few interesting techniques such as Widgets, interacting with the
WordPress Database, and Ajax form submission.
Chapter 5 covers the creation of a very sleek and stylish looking WordPress enhancement.
The purpose of the Snazzy Archives plugin will be to present your site archives in a unique
visual way. It shows how to manipulate the layout of the template using shortcodes and
custom templates.
Chapter 6 is all about digging a little deeper into WordPress and hacking the Write Post
screen. It shows how to create custom panels in the various sections of the Write Post
screen. It teaches how to access the current WordPress rich text editor, tinyMCE, and
create a button on its toolbar.
Chapter 7 explores the possibilities of turning WordPress into a Content Management
System (CMS), using methods provided to us by WordPress. It shows how to modify the
Manage Posts panel to display the information we want. It also covers managing who can
use your plugin by looking at the logged in user capabilities.
Chapter 8 covers the additional steps involved in localizing, documenting, publishing,
and promoting your plugin. It also covers useful tips and ideas to improve your general
WordPress knowledge further.