This book is a veritable smorgasbord of WordPress information, ideas, concepts, tools, resources, and
instruction. Some parts of the book may apply directly to what you want to do with your WordPress
blog. Other parts may deal with topics that you’re only mildly curious about, so feel free to skim (or
skip) those pages.
If you already have WordPress installed on your web server, for example, you can skip Chapter 3 . If
you aren’t interested in digging into the code of a WordPress template and don’t want to find out how
to apply CSS or HTMLto enhance your design, you can skip Chapters 9 through 12 . If you have no
interest in running more than one website with WordPress, you can skip Chapter 13 .
I don’t intend for you to read this book from cover to cover (unless you’re my mother — then I won’t
forgive you if you don’t). Rather, scan the table of contents and the index to find the information you