As a creature of habit, I felt reluctant to make the change. But I haven’t
looked back. I’ve been with WordPress ever since.

Blogs are here to stay. Authors, students, parents, business owners, academ-
ics, journalists, hobbyists — you name it — use blogs as a matter of course.

WordPress has been a huge part of the blogging boom. Today, it’s the most
popular blogging platform for personal, business, and corporate bloggers alike.

To a brand-new user, some aspects of WordPress can seem a little bit intimi-
dating. After you take a look under the hood, however, you begin to realize

how intuitive, friendly, and extensible the software is.
This book presents an insightful look at two popular versions of WordPress:
✓ The hosted version available at
✓ The self-hosted version available at
The book also covers managing and maintaining your WordPress blog
through the use of WordPress plugins and themes.
If you’re interested in taking a detailed look at the blogging and website services
provided by WordPress, you happen to have just the right book in your hands.