These lessons in Visual C# For Kids are a highly organized and well-indexed set of tutorials in the Visual
C# programming environment meant for children aged 10 and above. Visual C# is a programming
environment which allows the user to drag and drop buttons, text boxes, scroll bars, timers and dozens of
other visual “controls” to make programs which look like “Windows” programs. The controls are
combined to provide the user with a GUI – a graphical user interface.
The tutorials provide the benefit of completed age-appropriate applications for children – fully
documented projects from the teacher’s or parents’ point of view. That is, while full solutions are
provided for the adults’ (and child learner’s) benefit, the projects are presented in an easy-to-follow set
of lessons explaining the rational for the form layout, coding design and conventions, and specific code
related to the problem. The child-learner may follow the tutorials at their own pace. Every bit of the
lesson is remembered as it contributes to the final solution to a kid-friendly application. The finished
product is the reward, but the student is fully engaged and enriched by the process. This kind of learning
is often the focus of teacher training. Every computer science teacher knows what a great deal of work
required for projects to work in this manner, and with these tutorials, the work is done by an author who
understands the classroom and parenting experience. That is extremely rare!