Several years ago, before the iPhone existed, I began researching game engines. I looked at several
engines, including the Sauerbraten Cube 2 engine, the Torque Game Engine, the Cocos2D engine, and
others. I developed some game prototypes using each of these engines and found that all of them had
issues that hindered game development. Then I tried a piece of software called Unity from a
developer named Over the Edge Software, and found that, while it too had some limitations, it
provided the most comprehensive set of features for independent game developers.
Since then, Unity has undergone many changes, as has the software industry, and my focus has
changed from strictly desktop game development to also including mobile gaming. The Unity game
engine has made that transition easy. The latest version of Unity for iOS makes developing games for
both desktop and mobile platforms fun.
This book is intended to help anyone using Unity for the desktop, extend their game development
target to also include mobile deployment on the iOS platform of devices.