Bootstrap Makes Building a Complex Site Easy
This book covers the basics of Bootstrap. But it also explains how to use Bootstrap to enhance your site
and add features that many designers would have otherwise ignored. Once you’ve finished this book, you
will understand:
How to use grids to create a beautiful site layout
The use of labels, badges, panels, and wells to add interest to your text
How to style tables and forms so that they are easy to read, look nice, and are responsive
Using images on Bootstrap pages and how to add the icons included in the Bootstrap framework
How to quickly create navigation and buttons that use features like dropdown menus, search fields,
and multiple menu levels
The CSS utilities Bootstrap provides to add features such as alignment, color, and visibility
How to use the JavaScript plugins provided by Bootstrap, including modals, tooltips, alerts,
accordions, and image carousels
The options you have for customizing Bootstrap, including CSS, Less, and Sass
How to make Bootstrap sites accessible
And where to go to learn even more about Bootstrap
How to Use This Book
This book is divided into 24 lessons, called “hours.” Each lesson covers a specific topic related to
building responsive web pages using responsive web design. Each lesson takes about an hour to