This book is for professional Web developers who want to make WordPress work exactly how they
and their clients want. WordPress has already proven an exceptional platform for building any type
of site from simple static pages to networks of full - featured communities. Learning how to code
plugins will help you get the most out of WordPress and have a cost - effective approach to developing
per - client features.
This book is also for the code freelancers who want to broaden their skill portfolio, understand the
inner workings of WordPress functionality, and take on WordPress gigs. Since WordPress is the
most popular software to code and power websites, it is crucial that you understand how things run
under the hood and how you can make the engine work your way. Learning how to code plugins
will be a priceless asset to add to your resume and business card.
Finally, this book is for hobbyist PHP programmers who want to tinker with how their WordPress
blog works, discover the infinite potential of lean and flexible source code, and how they can
interact with the flow of events. The beauty of open source is that it ’ s easy to learn from and easy to
give back in turn. This book will help you take your first step into a community that will welcome
your creativity and contribution.