What’s New in This Edition?
This book is a new edition of the popular PHP Bible and PHP5 and MySQL Bible series. The book
updates the elements from previous versions, where applicable, for PHP 6 and MySQL 6.
New PHP 6 features
Although much of PHP 5’s functionality survives unchanged in PHP 6, there have been some
changes. Among the ones we cover are:
■ Unicode support, making internationalization easier
■ Security enhancements such as removing safe_mode and register globals
■ Enhancements to the object-oriented interfaces
Who wrote the book?
The first two editions were by Converse and Park, with a guest chapter by Dustin Mitchell and
tech editing by Richard Lynch. For the third edition, Clark Morgan took on much of the revision
work, with help from Converse and Park as well as from David Wall and Chris Cornell, who also
contributed chapters and did technical editing. For this edition, Steve Suehring did revision work
with Aaron Saray providing technical editing.