Book I: Getting Started with PHP and MySQL
Book I looks at the technologies involved in sending a web page over the
Internet. More specifically, in Book I, you learn how to install software to
send web pages, how to install PHP to program web pages, and how to set
up MySQL to provide data.
Book II: HTML and CSS
In Book II, you learn about the two primary languages of the web, HTML and
CSS. You learn how to create a web page with HTML and then style it to look
a bit nicer with CSS.
Book III: JavaScript
Book III is all about JavaScript, which you learn has really nothing to do with
Java at all. You can use JavaScript to enhance your web pages even further.
PHP is discussed in Book IV. You see how to use PHP to create dynamic web
pages behind the scenes.
Book V: MySQL
Many websites use a database to provide information. In Book V, you’ll learn
about MySQL, a powerful and free database system that you can use with PHP.
Book VI: Web Applications
Book VI puts all that information from the previous five books to good use to
create web services, validate web forms, and set up a members-only website.
Book VII: PHP and Templates
Book VII wraps up the book with some additional configuration options for

PHP and also shows how to build a templating system using PHP. With a tem-
plating system, you can have PHP do a lot of the repetitive tasks of creating

multiple pages, and you see how to create one in the last chapter of Book VII.