This book teaches you to take a static website and turn it into a dynamic website run from a data-
base using PHP and MySQL. You start by preparing your computer to run PHP and MySQL by

downloading and installing free software. Next, you write your fi rst PHP by including some PHP
code on an HTML page. Then you dive into PHP, learning what variables are, how to work with
them, and how to debug your programs. You learn how to have your programs make decisions and
loop through code.

The modern PHP is object oriented. You learn what that means and how to use it to make your pro-
grams less buggy and error prone, and easier to maintain. Along with that you learn best practices

and how to write secure code.
You learn how databases work and how to design one, as well as how to use phpMyAdmin to work
with MySQL. You learn different ways of connecting to MySQL through PHP, and how to create
tables, enter data, select data, change data, and delete data. Finally, you learn how to combine all of
these things into creating a mini content management system with a dynamic menu.
PHP is a general-purpose language that isn’t limited to running websites. However, this beginning
book is concentrated on programming websites because that is a natural extension for those who have
been coding in HTML and CSS. By the same token, database programming can be quite complex.
This book teaches the fundamentals needed to work with databases and how to do it safely.