When learning new technologies or even improving our existing skill set, we are always interested in full-
fledged applications: how the application is built from the concept phase to an actual running application,

what pain points can different technologies solve, and what guidelines we need to follow to ease our
development cycle.
Speaking of technologies, probably the most widespread of them all is JavaScript. I think the good and
bad part of JavaScript is its popularity. For decades, we have had no technology that is so widely spread
and ready to be integrated on different platforms.
Besides running JavaScript in the browser, which we are all so used to, for a few years we can easily run
our JS code on the server using Node.js. It does not stop here, as we can start developing powerful IoT
projects using only JavaScript.
For many years, we saw a movement of having a single technology that dominates every platform. I think
the JavaScript stack, yes stack, at the moment is big game changer. Probably, you are thinking now that it's
not that perfect or colorful; yes, I cannot agree more with you, but the evolution is so rapid—and new
things are pushed every day, every minute—that we are on the edge of a technological revolution.
Wait! What? Yes, we can be a part of the revolution, we can be trend setters, we can shape the future of
the Web, mobile, and IoT (maybe the universe? But of course). We can push the limits and prove that we
can do great things, and we can progressively improve ourselves and the people around us.