What Is a Program?
A program is any set of instructions that is created or followed . In this book, we

focus on writing computer programs, which are lists of instructions that a com-
puter carries out . These instructions can be written and stored in various forms .

Some of the first modern computers used punched cards, switches, and cables .
Early analog music synthesizers were a type of computer that used a patchbay
style interface to manually allow a programmer to create specific sounds .
What Is JavaScript?
JavaScript is a multipurpose programming language initially created to aid
developers in adding dynamic features to websites . The language was initially
created in 11 days and released in 1995 by a company called Netscape . Developed

by Brendan Eich, its original release name was LiveScript . When Netscape intro-
duced support for the language in its browser, LiveScript was renamed JavaScript .

Although JavaScript is similar in name to the Java programming language, they
are completely unrelated . Today, JavaScript is used in everything from robotics
to home automation systems .