Android is everywhere. In mid-2013, Android ran on 53 percent of all smartphones in the United
States and on 80 percent of all smartphones worldwide.
In a study that spans the Americas,
Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, GlobalWebIndex reports that Android tablets outnumber iPads
by 34 million.

2 More than a million apps are available for download at the Google Play store

(double the number of apps that were available in May 2012).

3 And more than 9 million developers

write code using Java, the language that powers Android devices.

If you read this book in a public place (on a commuter train, at the beach, or on the dance floor at
the Coyote Ugly saloon, for example), you can read proudly, with a chip on your shoulder and with
your head held high. Android is hot stuff, and you’re cool because you’re reading about it.