What You Don’t Have to Read
Pick the first chapter or section that has material you don’t already know and start reading there. Of
course, you may hate making decisions as much as I do. If so, here are some guidelines that you can
If you already know what kind of an animal Java is and know that you want to use Java, skip
Chapter 1 and go straight to Chapter 2. Believe me, I won’t mind.
If you already know how to get a Java program running, and you don’t care what happens behind
the scenes when a Java program runs, skip Chapter 2 and start with Chapter 3.
If you write programs for a living but use any language other than C or C++, start with Chapter 2 or
3. When you reach Chapters 5 and 6, you’ll probably find them to be easy reading. When you get to
Chapter 7, it’ll be time to dive in.
If you write C (not C++) programs for a living, start with Chapters 2, 3, and 4 and just skim
Chapters 5 and 6.
If you write C++ programs for a living, glance at Chapters 2 and 3, skim Chapters 4 through 6, and
start reading seriously in Chapter 7. (Java is a bit different from C++ in the way it handles classes
and objects.)
If you write Java programs for a living, come to my house and help me write Java For Dummies,
8th Edition.
If you want to skip the sidebars and the Technical Stuff icons, please do. In fact, if you want to skip
anything at all, feel free.