Chapter 1, “Introduction to Java EE and HTML5 Enterprise
Development,” provides a brief overview of the three main focus
areas of the book: Java EE 7 web services, HTML5 application
development, and NetBeans IDE.
■ Chapter 2, “Persistence,” discusses the Java Persistence API (JPA)
and shows you the key concepts for persistence and how data can
be created, read, updated, and deleted from a relational database
using JPA.
■ Chapter 3, “RESTful Resources,” introduces you to REST, or
Representational State Transfer, as an architectural style for distributed
systems such as the World Wide Web. The Java EE 7 API for RESTful
Web Services (JAX-RS) is covered, including the new support for
Server-Sent Events (SSE). You are shown how to develop your own
RESTful web service and SSE service that you will use as the data
resources for a Book Club application that you develop in Chapter 5.