Welcome to web analytics!
The purpose of this book is to provide a simple, focused introduction to web
analytics, and Google Analytics specifically. It’s geared toward employees who
may be working at a company or non-profit organization, for students at a
university, or for self-paced learners. The approach is the same one that I’ve
taken in most of my books, which is conversational, friendly, with an attempt
at making things fun.
The experiment is to find a way to help people get started with digital
marketing in a way that is fun and helps build skills—maybe through an internship,
paid work, volunteer work, freelance work, or any other type of work. The
focus is on skills and approaches that can be immediately useful to a business
or non-profit organization. I’m not going to try to cover everything, but just
the things that I think are the most helpful.
The other goal is to help you leave any intimidation you have in the dust.
I used to be intimidated by marketing, and now look at me. I’m a marketing
strategist and an assistant professor of marketing! But I remember the feeling
of intimidation, so part of my approach is to encourage any reader who may
feel uncertain about the field.
The fact is that web analytics has a lot of options, and there’s a lot of material
out there. It can be overwhelming! But it can also be very doable, if you leave
intimidation in the dust, take incremental steps, try things out, and build your