We came to iOS development from two different paths. Lou is a commer-
cial software developer with a traditional CS background and degree, and

Eitan has a mixed design and technology background and a career in aca-
demia. Lou is from NYC, and Eitan is from LA. We both decided to settle

in a small town in Western Massachusetts, and although we live less than
a mile from each other, we never met.
Troy Mott, a development editor at Manning, contacted Lou, an iOS
developer and blogger, about Manning’s Hello series. The whimsical take
on programming education and Troy’s persuasion convinced Lou that it
would be a worthwhile project. After Lou got started, though, he became
convinced he needed a coauthor, and he set out to find one.
Late last year, a chance mention of this coauthor search to a mutual
friend led to an introduction to Eitan. An hour or so after sharing a coffee
at a local cafe, we knew we wanted to write this book together.
So, a coauthor search that began over the web and with global reach via

social networking ended the old-fashioned way—over brunch and face-
to-face networking. And, in a time where virtual collaboration is the

norm, we were lucky to be able to meet when we needed to.
We hope you find that our different backgrounds each bring something
to this book. Between us, we have decades of programming, designing,
writing, and teaching experience, and we needed it all to fit the vast
domain of iOS development into something a little gentler than most
other books—and, we hope, a lot more fun.