Part 1: Getting Ready
Part 1 of this book provides the information you need to get ready for the rest of the book. It includes this chapter and
a primer for the techniques you will need to follow the examples in this chapter. I also show you how to build your first
web service and single-page client and take you through the process of building a more realistic application, called
Part 2: Results and Parameters
Part 2 of this book focuses on the aspect of Web API that you will spend most of your time on during your first real
projects: the data sent from clients and the responses that you produce in return. I explain how to create different
kinds of HTTP responses using Web API, how to master the data binding process that Web API uses to process request
data, and how to ensure that the data you receive from clients is valid.
Part 3: Dispatching Requests
Part 3 of this book explains how Web API dispatches HTTP requests from the moment they arrive from the client
until the response is generated. I describe all of the steps that a request goes through and show you how to configure
and customize just about every class and interface that Web API relies on to get fine-grain control over how your
web services operate. I show you how Web API uses the URL routing system to support RESTful web services, how
controllers and action methods are selected, and how to deal with errors and cross-cutting concerns. Many of
these techniques are similar to the ones you know from MVC framework development, but Web API uses its own
namespaces and classes and has a different approach than the one you are used to using.