The 70-762 exam tests your knowledge about developing databases in Microsoft SQL
Server 2016. To successfully pass this exam, you should know how to create various types
of database objects, such as disk-based and memory-optimized tables, indexes, views, and
stored procedures, to name a few. Not only must you know how and why to develop
specific types of database objects, but you must understand how to manage database
concurrency by correctly using transactions, assigning isolation levels, and troubleshooting
locking behavior. Furthermore, you must demonstrate familiarity with techniques to
optimize database performance by reviewing statistics and index usage, using tools to
troubleshoot and optimize query plans, optimizing the configuration of SQLServer and
server resources, and monitoring SQLServer performance metrics. You must also
understand the similarities and differences between working with databases with SQL
Server on-premises and Windows Azure SQLDatabase in the cloud.
The 70-762 exam is focused on measuring skills of database professionals, such as
developers or administrators, who are responsible for designing, implementing, or
optimizing relational databases by using SQLServer 2016 or SQLDatabase. In addition to
reinforcing your existing skills, it measures what you know about new features and
capabilities in SQLServer and SQLDatabase.