This book is split into eight chapters. Chapter 2 provides a quick reference for all the Docker commands and
features described in this book so you can easily find what you need in the future without having to search
through the rest of the book. Chapter 3 contains instructions for getting ready, including installing Docker,
Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code and the supporting tools that are required. Chapter 3 also includes
instructions for creating a simple ASP.NET Core MVC project that is used as an example throughout the rest
of the book.
Chapters 4–7 explain how to use Docker with ASP.NET Core MVC projects. Chapter 4 introduces
images, which are the templates used to create containers, and shows you how to create your own images
and use them to produce containers. Chapter 5 covers the Docker features for storing data and connecting
the applications in different containers together. Chapter 6 describes the Docker support for describing
complex applications that require different types of containers, and Chapter 7 demonstrates the Docker
support for clustering servers together to run larger numbers of containers. The final chapter, Chapter 8,
comes full circle and explains how the features from the rest of the book can be applied to the development
environment instead of production.