This book explains how to use Angular in an ASP.NET Core MVC project. I demonstrate how to create a
Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code project that contains Angular and ASP.NET Core MVC and show you
how to get them working together. I show you how to use Entity Framework Core to store the application
data and ASP.NET Core Identity to authenticate and authorize users. Each ASP.NET Core package adds its
complexities, and I show you how these can be managed to deliver functionality to Angular.
This book also introduces Angular development, focusing on just those features that are required by
most applications. I explain how Angular applications work, how to structure an Angular application, and
how individual building blocks can collaborate to create complex features.
The examples are based around SportsStore, which will be familiar if you have read any of my other
books. SportsStore is a fictional online store that contains the features that most projects need. The
SportsStore examples in this book have been adapted so that I can highlight problems between Angular
and ASP.NET Core MVC and explain how to solve them.