This book addresses the fundamental bases of statistical inferences. We shall
presume throughout that readers have a good working knowledge of Python®
language and of the basic elements of digital signal processing.
The most recent version is Python® 3.x, but many people are still working with
Python® 2.x versions. All codes provided in this book work with both these versions.
The official home page of the Python® Programming Language is Spyder® is a useful open-source integrated development
environment (IDE) for programming in the Python® language. Briefly, we suggest to
use the Anaconda Python distribution, which includes both Python® and Spyder®.
The Anaconda Python distribution is located at
The large part of the examples given in this book mainly use the modules numPy,
which provides powerful numerical arrays objects, Scipy with high-level data
processing routines, such as optimization, regression, interpolation and Matplotlib
for plotting curves, histograms, Box and Whiskers plots, etc. See a list of useful
functions p. xiii.