There are all sorts of reasons you may have bought this book, but one of them
might be because you are already a fan of working with WordPress. That’s great,
because we are too, and it’s probably going to show.
WordPress makes controlling the content of a website easy. It can be done by you,
or you can train another person to do it, because the Admin area is as intuitive as it
is powerful. WordPress gives you the keys to build sites easily with all the modern
features that clients crave. And because WordPress is free, open source, and has
fostered a giant community around it, you’ll always be in good hands. WordPress
has changed the face of publishing content on the web, and we are all reaping the
benefits. For all these reasons and more, we can safely say that WordPress
is amazing.
If you are buying this because your boss is making you design a site around
WordPress and you are none too happy about it... Bummer. But hopefully by the
end we can turn your frown upside down and bring you into the light.