We live in a digital world, and computers are part of almost everything we do. Not so
long ago, computers were bulky, noisy machines that lived mainly on desks, but now
they are tiny, silent devices hidden inside our phones, cars, TVs, and even watches.
We use them to work, play games, watch movies, go shopping, and keep in touch with
our friends and family.
Today’s computers are so simple to use that anyone can operate them. But not as
many people know how to write the code that makes them work. Becoming a coder
allows you to look under the hood and see how a computer really works. With a bit
of practice, you can build your own apps, write your own games, or just tinker with
other people’s programs and customize your own ingenious creations.
As well as being an addictive hobby, coding is a skill that’s in huge demand all over
the world. Learn how to code and it will set you in good stead wherever your life
leads, whether you’re interested in science, art, music, sport, or business.

Today, there are hundreds of coding languages you can learn, from simple, drag-and-
drop languages like ScratchTM to web-programming languages like JavaScript®. This

book is based on Python®, one of the world’s most widely used coding languages.
Equally popular with students and professionals, Python is easy to pick up yet powerful
and versatile. It’s a great language to learn whether you’re a beginner or moving up
from a simple language like Scratch.