C++/CLI is unattractive, clumsy, and hard when compared to
other modern programming languages that run on the .NET
platform. That’s because it is powerful. Like light that can be
viewed as a wave or particle, C++/CLI can be exercised as an
unmanaged or managed language or actually as a sandwich
language to do mixed-mode programming, which is its real
power. That’s also why it is unique.
In this book, I present some of the important aspects of the

C++/ CLI language that usually pose a barrier to program-
mers new to the language. I believe that this book will guide

you through that barrier. Beyond that barrier lies a world of
hard-core programming on the .NET platform.
This book is not an extensive guide to master the C++\CLI

programming language ; rather, it is quick start learning mate-
rial that offers an easier way for an unmanaged C++ pro-
grammer to enter the world of managed programming, still

sticking to C++. The book should be helpful also for a C#, or
VB.NET, or a pure managed programmer too to program in
C++\CLI where the two programming worlds merge to offer
the most powerful programming environment.