2011 and 2014 were two special years for C++. While C++11 ushered in a dramatic
improvement to C++, introducing new keywords and constructs that increased your
programming efficiency, C++14 brought in incremental improvements that added
finishing touches to the features introduced by C++11.
This book helps you learn C++ in tiny steps. It has been thoughtfully divided into lessons
that teach you the fundamentals of this object-oriented programming language from a
practical point of view. Depending on your proficiency level, you will be able to master
C++ one hour at a time.
Learning C++ by doing is the best way—so try the rich variety of code samples in this
book hands-on and help yourself improve your programming proficiency. These code
snippets have been tested using the latest versions of the available compilers at the
time of writing, namely the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler for C++ and GNU’s C++
compiler, which both offer a rich coverage of C++14 features.