Chapter 1, New Features in C# 6.0, introduces you to the new features available in C# 6.0.
Chapter 2, Classes and Generics, covers classes and generics, which form the building blocks
of modern day applications. You will learn what they are and how to use them more effectively.
Chapter 3, Object-Oriented Programming in C#, covers OOP, which is why we do what we do in
the way we do it. We will discuss the fundamentals when it comes to this concept.
Chapter 4, Composing Event-Based Programs Using Reactive Extensions, helps you make
your applications more responsive using Rx and leveraging the power of providing real-time
Chapter 5, Create Microservices on Azure Service Fabric, shows how you can break away from
the traditional approach to developing applications. Instead of one single monolithic application,
microservices break an application up into smaller bits that can function on their own.
Chapter 6, Making Apps Responsive with Asynchronous Programming, covers using
asynchronous programming to never let your application lock up because it is waiting
for a long running task to complete.
Chapter 7, High Performance Programming Using Parallel and Multithreading in C#,
demonstrates how you can make good use of the performance provided by today's
multicore CPUs.
Chapter 8, Code Contracts, deals with writing robust code that will validate the correctness of
data being passed to a method. We will also cover code contracts, which allow developers to
write better code.
Chapter 9, Regular Expressions, covers regex, which is a technology that is baked into the
.NET Framework and is often overlooked in most books. Understanding it better will go a long
way toward adding value to your skillset.
Chapter 10, Choosing and Using a Source Control Strategy, delves into the different strategies
that different developers in different situations require when it comes to using source control.
Chapter 11, Creating a Mobile Application in Visual Studio, discusses what you can do with
Visual Studio, which has made it possible to make developing mobile applications across
multiple platforms within reach for practically any developer.
Chapter 12, Writing Secure Code and Debugging in Visual Studio, emphasizes how being able
to write more secure code will set your application apart from others. Being able to debug like
a boss will set you apart from the rest.
Chapter 13, Creating a Web Application in Azure, demonstrates just how easy it is to create a
web application in Azure.