XML was first created in 1996 and is still in use today, both in legacy and new systems.
Having been in circulation for over 20 years, there is no shortage of applications that use
XML. Those applications will need to be maintained so knowledge of handling XML with
C# is vital.
When you have finished this book, you are going to be able to modify, read, and
write XML using C# and the .NET framework. To accommodate for legacy systems, the
book discusses how to handle XML using .NET 2.0 through .NET 4.5. The book presents
concepts in small pieces and then puts them together at the end in order to give a full
view of how to handle XML in the real world.
The only prerequisite for this book is a basic knowledge of C#. There are extension
methods that are used from LINQ but knowledge of LINQ is not required, as the classes
that are needed will be covered. No knowledge of XML is assumed; however, if you do
know XML, you will be able to skip a chapter.