Visual Studio 2017 allows developers to harness the latest technology and create world-class
applications across a variety of platforms. The new language features in C# 7.0 are powerful tools that
will allow you to write better functioning software and deliver complex business requirements quicker.
The book takes a look at all of the awesome new features in C# 7. It also looks at how developers can
write diagnostic analyzers to produce better code and adhere to specific code standards. It explores .NET
Core 1.1 and looks at creating an ASP.NET Core application using the MVC framework.
If creating mobile apps is something you are interested in, this book will show you how to do so using
Cordova. If you want to create native iOS applications, this book shows you how to do just that using
Visual Studio for Mac.
If serverless computing is something that want to understand more, then look no further. In the book, we
take a look at what the term serverless computing means. We also look at how to create an Azure function
and how to use AWS and S3. Lastly, hot off the press from Amazon, we take a look at using C# lambda
functions with AWS.
This book will show you the beauty of C#, which when combined with the power of Visual Studio, makes
you a very formidable developer, capable of meeting a variety of programming challenges head on.
Whatever your skill level when it comes to programming with C#, this book provides something for
everyone and will make you a better developer.