First of all, we want to say a big THANK YOU! to the
Wiley/Wrox team we had the pleasure of working with.
Carol Long showed great patience and motivated us when
we were down. Tom Dinse and Nancy Sixsmith worked
hard to get our English right. Wim Mostrey made sure that
all technical matters are 100% correct. Ashley Zurcher
helped to successfully deliver the book to the market, and
Helen Russo took care of our legal matters. It was really
fun to work with you folks!
We also want to thank our superiors on the faculty of
Physics, Astronomy, and Applied Computer Science of
Jagiellonian University in Kraków: dr hab. Ewa Grabska,
prof. dr hab. Maciej Ogorzałek, prof. dr hab. Maciej A.
Nowak, and dr hab. Paweł W grzyn, who were really
supportive and did their best not to swamp us with
additional jobs while we were busy writing.
Finally, our thanks go also to all the developers who
dedicated their precious time to write good documentation
and share their knowledge.