Chapter 1 , The Rise of Bots – Getting the Message Across, introduces
and explains the growing importance of bots in today’s world and also
teaches you how to create an SMS bot app using the Twilio messaging
Chapter 2 , Getting Skype to Work for You, explains how to use the new
Microsoft Bot Framework in order to create a Skype bot.
Chapter 3 , Twitter as a Flight Information Agent, teaches you how to
create a Twitter bot application that interacts with the Air France KLM
API in order to retrieve flight details.
Chapter 4 , A Slack Quote Bot, explains how to create a Slack bot
application that sends inspirational quotes to users.
Chapter 5 , Telegram-Powered Bots, shows you how to develop a bot
that will provide you the sentiments of messages on Telegram using
Telegram APIs.
Chapter 6 , BotKit – Document Manager Agent for Slack, teaches you
how to use Slack APIs with BotKit to provide documents at the fingertips
of team members collaborating in Slack.
Chapter 7 , Facebook Messenger Bot, Who's Off – A Scheduler Bot for
Teams, shows you how to set up a Facebook Messenger Bot that can be
used to schedule team meetings, or to see who is off when with the help of
the Microsoft Azure platform and services.
Chapter 8 , A Bug-Tracking Agent for Teams, teaches you how to use the
IRC platform and DocumentDB for a bug-tracking bot.
Chapter 9 , A Kik Salesforce CRM Bot, explores how to use
API and a Kik to create a Salesforce CRM Bot.