Who Is This Book For?
This book is intended for developers who have at least a basic knowledge of JavaScript
and, especially, those who understand object-oriented programming (OOP), a little bit of
client-server architecture, and those with an understanding of the main characteristics of
Mastering these concepts, or at minimum a basic knowledge of them, is essential to
fully understand this book.
All the code in this book is written using the latest JavaScript implementation, the
ECMAScript 2015 (also called ECMAScript 6, or ES6).
How Should I Use This Book?
Throughout the book, many concepts and codes are going to be presented for you to
learn through practice all the theoretical parts of this book. It will guide you in a didactic
way in the development of two projects (an API and a web client application), which in
the end are both integrated to work as a single project.
It is highly recommended that you follow the book’s instructions step by step, so in
the end you can complete the project correctly.