To everyone who contributed to this book, thank you! A big thanks to the team at
Packt Publishing, especially Rebecca, Priyanka, Kartik, and Aboli, for their guidance,
advice, and professionalism.
Thanks to my three technical reviewers, Jaco, Tinus, and Stephan, for patiently
reading each chapter, reviewing each line of code, and contributing suggestions.
You helped shape this book into what it is.
I'd like to express my greatest love and gratitude towards my wife, Andrea, for all
her support, impromptu editing sessions, being a soundboard for brainstorming
sessions, and the general motivational pep talks during the writing of this book.
To my parents—even though they were not exactly sure what this book was
about—thank you for all your support and for allowing me to tinker with the
family computer from an early age.
I'd also like to extend a special thank you to Eugene Starostin from Add-in Express,
who allowed me to blog about an idea that subsequently turned into this book.