Custom Bootstrap Sandbox
I have created a completely custom HTML learning environment for the first few sections of this course. Each lecture has an html page associated with it and has a start state. As we move along through the lectures, you code along with me learning all that Bootstrap 4 offers including helpers/utilities, components, widgets, flexbox and more.
Bootstrap Starter Pack
Once you get through the sandbox, we will setup the starter pack which I also created for this course. This will give us a real development workflow to compile Bootstrap 4 from source and compile Sass. It will even give us a dev server with autoload. This is what we will use for the 5 projects
5 Real Projects/Themes
We will use the Starter pack to create 5 real world themes including
  1. LoopLap - A social UI Theme
  2. Mizuxe - A Book/Product Showcase Theme
  3. Blogen - A blog admin area UI
  4. Glozzom - A multi page theme with a carousel and some 3rd party scripts
  5. Portfoligrid - A portfolio theme using the grid, flexbox and the collapse widget
Part 01 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Intro Getting Started
Part 02 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Typography Utilities
Part 03 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] CSS Components
Part 04 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Grid System Flexbox
Part 05 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] JavaScript Widgets
Part 06 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Bootstrap Starter Pack Setup
Part 07 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Project 1 - LoopLab Social Theme
Part 08 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Project 2 - Mizuxe Book Theme
Part 09 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Project 3 - Blogen Admin UI
Part 10 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Project 4 - Glozzom Multi Page Theme
Part 11 bootstrap-4-from-scratch-with-5-projects [shivatechtutorial] Project 5 - Portfoligrid