PHP powers the vast majority of the web today. It is by far the most ubiquitous and accessible mature web
language, and welcomes thousands of new developers every day. It is this ease of access that can,
admittedly, sometimes give it a bad name - good resources are few and far in between, and the
competition is real, driving people to take shortcuts, skip best practices, and learn on-the-fly.
With PHP 7+ came some improvements that make it harder to make mistakes, and 7.2 is making things
even safer, even more structured. If you're just getting started with the language, you're in luck. Not only
will it be ever harder to slip up and make mistakes, but content such as this—hand picked from the
excellent PHP channel—will help you get started the right way.
Once you've chewed through these modern introductions and re-introductions into popular tools and
concepts which will undoubtedly become a permanent part of your tool belt, why not head on over to the
channel and check out some articles or video courses that deal with these topics in more depth? Found
something interesting you'd like covered? Let us know. For now, just dive in—it's the first step that's most
important, and you're half way through yours. Happy PHPing!