It takes a lot of work to get content into a presentable format for students and IT professionals to
read and get value from. The authors indeed have technical knowledge and experiences to share, but
without the technical writers, technical reviewers, developers, editors, publishers, graphic designers,
the list goes on, providing their valuable input, a book of high quality could not be written. The rate
of change occurs too quickly for an individual to perform all these tasks and still publish a book
that is valid before the technology becomes stale. This is why authors worked together with a great
team to get all the components of the book together quickly. It was done to ensure that the most up
to date information gets to the reader while the features are still fresh and current. I would like to
thank Kelly Talbot for his great project management and technical review of the content as well as
John Mueller for his technical review and suggestions throughout the process. Lastly, I would like to
thank all the numerous people behind the scenes who helped get this book together.