I worked to correct the discrepancies as best I could, but the individual copies of reports still existed.
Shortly after this, I attended the 2003 PASS Summit and saw the announcement about SQL Server Reporting
Services (SSRS). In 2004, Microsoft released SSRS as an add-in for SQL Server 2000. I didn’t wait for the
release. I knew that SSRS was going to solve my MS Access report problem, and I installed SSRS as soon as it
was available.
The advantage that SSRS brought, compared to the MS Access reports , was the centralized web
site, Report Manager, where the reports were published. Instead of each manager having his or her
own copy of reports, the managers would run the reports from a central location eliminating the
SQL Server Reporting Services is one of the core components of the Microsoft Business Intelligence
stack . SSRS is a feature-rich reporting tool that now includes mobile reports as well as a modern on-premises
web portal.
SSRS has a number of interactive features, visual elements such as charts and maps, security, and
more. Reports can contain data displayed in tabular format or visually. You can also create attractive and
informative dashboards.