The tenth anniversary marking the publication of my first book is fast approaching, a milestone which
I'll meet with both humility and wonderment. The truth is that it's a shared milestone, for although my
name appears on the cover, this decade-long run would be impossible without the efforts of a truly
special group of individuals. The thoughtful comments of my longtime technical reviewer Matt Wade
have once again vastly improved the material. Project manager Jennifer Blackwell did a great job of
keeping me on track and in check over the course of a tight schedule. Editors Tom Welsh and Michelle
Lowman cast their keen eyes over the chapters, offering valuable advice throughout. Copy Editor Mary
Behr deftly caught and corrected my numerous grammatical gaffes. Recognition is also due to the
significant number of other individuals responsible for production, marketing, sales, and countless

other duties which result in books such as mine seeing the light of day. Thanks as always to Apress co-
founder Gary Cornell for having given me the opportunity so many years ago to put my thoughts on

paper. I look forward to another great ten years.
Finally, thanks to Carli, Jodi, Paul, Ruby, my parents, and other family members and friends for
reminding me that there is life away from the keyboard.