This book guides you through the iOS SDK and how to build high-quality appli-
cations using it. It focuses on iOS 7 and Xcode version 5 and is of significant

value to software developers, regardless of their level of experience.
✓ If you’re a software developer and want to understand how to apply

object-oriented concepts, techniques, and principles to iOS develop-
ment, this book is for you.

✓ If you’re a software developer and have developed other kinds applications

but not those for mobile devices, don’t worry. This book is a mobile applica-
tions primer that deals with resource conservation, network disconnection,

change in location, hardware-software interaction, and more.
✓ If you’re a software developer with experience in developing mobile
applications and want to develop an equivalent iOS application (such as
iPhone), you’ll probably quickly understand the iOS programming model
and then navigate on to the chapters you’re most interested in.
Here are some of the conventions you will see in the book:
✓ Code examples: These appear in a fixed-width font so that they stand
out, as illustrated here:
[self initializeGameSession];