This book is intended for complete programming beginners or general people who know
nothing about any programming language but want to learn ethical hacking.
Let us clear it first: Ethical Hacking is not associated with any kind of illegal
electronic activities. They always stay within laws. This book is intended for those people
– young and old – who are creative and curious and who want to develop a creative hobby
or take up internet security profession acting as ethical hacker. Keeping that in mind we’ll
also learn Python 3 programming language to enhance our skill as ethical hackers.
This book is not intended for any kind of malicious user. If anyone tries to use this
book or any type of code examples from this book for illegal purpose this book will take
no moral responsibility for that malicious behaviours.
If you think that you can use this book for any malicious purpose then you are
advised to read the first chapter “Legal Side of Ethical Hacking”. I hope you won’t like the
idea of ending up in jail by harming some other systems.
I would like to start this brief introduction with an image. This image depicts many
things that I will later discuss in detail. It says, “The author is using “Ubuntu” Linux
distribution as his default operating system. He has installed Virtual Box – a kind of
virtual machine – that runs in Windows also. And in that Virtual Box he has installed three
more operating systems. One is “Windows XP” and the other two are “Kali Linux” and
“Windows 7 Ultimate”. The image also says, and that is very important, “Currently three
operating systems are virtually running on the desktop”.