AWS For Admins For Dummies is designed to make things simple. That’s why it
focuses on using the AWS consoles to perform tasks whenever possible and resorts
to the command-line interface only when necessary. By following the procedures
in this book, you can set up and configure a computing environment quickly and
This book also helps you separate hype from reality. The Amazon documentation
would often have you believe that everything works perfectly in AWS, which
clearly can’t happen. Every piece of software, even cloud software, has quirks and
issues that you need to know about. Most important, this book helps you
understand when moving to the cloud might be a bad idea because of a number of
issues that even the media is less than thrilled to tell you about. Rather than be
lured by the hype, you’ll be best served by knowing when a cloud environment
actually does meet your needs, rather than set you up for problems at some point
or, worse yet, prove useless.
To help you absorb the concepts, this book uses the following conventions:
» Text that you’re meant to type just as it appears in the book is in bold. The
exception is when you’re working through a step list: Because each step is
bold, the text to type is not bold.
» Words for you to type in that are also in italics are meant as placeholders; you
need to replace them with something that works for you. For example, if you
see “Type Your Name and press Enter,” you need to replace Your Name with
your actual name.
» I also use italics for terms I define. This means that you don’t have to rely on
other sources to provide the definitions you need.
» Web addresses and programming code appear in monofont. If you’re reading
a digital version of this book on a device connected to the Internet, you can
click the live link to visit a website, like this:
» When you need to click command sequences, you see them separated by a
special arrow, like this: File ➪ New File, which tells you to click File and then