The course is divided into AWS Core Knowledge and Certification Stream Knowledge. The AWS Core Knowledge covers all knowledge that is common to all associate level exams. The AWS Certification Stream Knowledge covers knowledge that is specific to a certification exam (Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator). This is important is you decide to do multiple certification exams and don't want to waste time re-learning material you already know.
Each section is divided into a main lecture covering the subject theory and hands on guidance using the service. This is reinforced through many quizzes to ensure knowledge is retained.
At the end of the course theory you will be led through practical lab sessions that detail the application of a specific use case.
The course culminates in 3 practice exams to give you exposure to the type of questions you can expect on the exam:
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, 
  2. AWS Certified Developer Associate, and 
  3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
Part 01 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Welcome to the World of AWS
Part 02 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Bulletproof HTML5 Websites with AWS
Part 03 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Identity and Access Management IAM - Core Knowledge
Part 04 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 - Core Knowledge
Part 05 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Simple Storage Service S3 - Core Knowledge
Part 06 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivat Lab Session - Setting up for NodeJS Development - AWS Certified Developer
Part 07 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shiva AWS Command Line Interface CLI - Solutions Architect SysOps Administrator
Part 08 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] CloudFront - Core Knowledge
Part 09 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Relational Database Service RDS - Core Knowledge
Part 10 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] DynamoDB - Core Knowledge
Part 11 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Lab Session - Programming DynamoDB with NodeJS - Developer
Part 12 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Virtual Private Cloud VPC - Core Knowledge
Part 13 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Elastic File Service EFS - Core Knowledge
Part 14 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] CloudFormation - Core Knowledge
Part 15 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [s Lab Session - Programming and Deployment using CloudFormation - Core Knowledge
Part 16 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Elastic Beanstalk - Core Knowledge
Part 17 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] OpsWorks - Core Knowledge
Part 18 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Simple Queue Service SQS - Core Knowledge
Part 19 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Simple Workflow Service SWF - Core Knowledge
Part 20 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Simple Notification Service SNS - Core Knowledge
Part 21 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial Lab Session - Programming SQS and SNS with NodeJS - Developer
Part 22 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] CloudWatch - Core Knowledge
Part 23 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Big Data Solutions - Core Knowledge
Part 24 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Route 53 - Solutions Architect SysOps Administrator
Part 25 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shiva Lab Session - Low Latency HTML 5 Websites using S3 CloudFront and Route 53
Part 26 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Deployment - Core Knowledge
Part 27 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatech Backup Disaster Recovery - Solutions Architect SysOps Administrator
Part 28 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shiva AWS Elastic Load Balancing ELB - Solutions Architect SysOps Administrator
Part 29 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Auto Scaling - Solutions Architect SysOps Administrator
Part 30 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial Lab Session - Highly Available and Fault Tolerant Architecture
Part 31 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] ElasticCache
Part 32 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivat Lab Session - Using ElastiCache Redis - Solutions Architect SysOps Admin
Part 33 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Lab Session - Programming ElastiCache with NodeJS - Developer
Part 34 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] CloudTrail - Solutions Architect SysOps Administrator
Part 35 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Architecture Design - Solutions Architect
Part 36 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Data Security - Solution Architect
Part 37 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Direct Connect - Solutions Architect
Part 38 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutor Lab Session - AWS JavaScript Browser SDK Applications - Developer
Part 39 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Lab Session - Programming Lambda with NodeJS - Developer
Part 40 aws-certified-associate-architect-developer-sysops-admin [shivatechtutorial] Practice Exams