Chapter 1, Augmented Reality Concepts and Tools, introduces the two major Augmented
Reality approaches: sensor-based and computer vision-based Augmented Reality.
Chapter 2, Viewing the World, introduces you to the first basic step in building
Augmented Reality applications: capturing and displaying the real world on
your device.

Chapter 3, Superimposing the World, helps you use JMonkeyEngine to overlay high-
fidelity 3D models over the physical world.

Chapter 4, Locating in the World, provides the basic building blocks to implement your
own Augmented Reality browser using sensors and GPS.
Chapter 5, Same as Hollywood – Virtual on Physical Objects, explains you the power of
the VuforiaTM SDK for computer vision-based AR.
Chapter 6, Make It Interactive – Create the User Experience, explains how to make
Augmented Reality applications interactive. Specifically, you will learn how to
develop ray picking, proximity-based interaction, and 3D motion gesture-based
Chapter 7, Further Reading and Tips, introduces more advanced techniques to
improve any AR application's development.