where you can read the whole book and learn many things but never quite put the full pieces of the jigsaw
together. This book aims to allow the user to follow a step-by-step guide to learn how to use ASP.NET
with Entity Framework, while sticking to all the main topics you will encounter in everyday work
without focusing on academic details that very few people will ever use. I’ve tried to keep things
close to real life in the book, which is why I chose to make a baby store, but the examples can be applied
to almost any type of shopping web site or indeed any web site driven by a database. I’ve also included
a redesign of the site, including several popular CSS topics to recognize the fact that these days web
developers need to be competent in front-end development too.
The book starts with an introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET MVC and then quickly progresses into

showing you how to create a database driven web site, and from this how to enhance the site and use
of Entity Framework’s more advanced features. I’ll show you how to work with related tables and data,
to create and update a database schema, and how to populate data from your code.