ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s newest technology for building web applications. Although
ASP.NET MVC is new, there are already several large and successful websites that are built
on the ASP.NET MVC framework including and parts of
ASP.NET MVC was created to appeal to several different audiences. If you are the type of
developer who wants total control over every HTML tag and pixel that appears in a web
page, the ASP.NET MVC framework will appeal to you.
ASP.NET MVC also enables you to expose intuitive URLs to the world. Exposing intuitive
URLs is important for getting your website indexed by search engines. If you care about
Search Engine Optimization, you will be happy with ASP.NET MVC.
The ASP.NET MVC framework enables you to build web applications that are easier to
maintain and extend over time. The Model View Controller pattern encourages a clear
separation of concerns. The framework encourages good software design patterns.

Finally, the ASP.NET MVC framework was designed from the ground up to support testa-
bility. In particular, the ASP.NET MVC framework enables you to practice test-driven

development. You are not required to practice test-driven development when building an

ASP.NET MVC application, but the ASP.NET MVC framework makes test-driven develop-
ment possible.