Bring dynamic server-side web content and responsive web design
together to build websites that work and display well at any resolution,
desktop or mobile. With this practical book, you’ll learn how by combining
the A SP.NET MVC ser ver-side language, the Bootstrap front-end
framework, and Knockout.js—the JavaScript implementation of the
Model-View-ViewModel pattern.
Author Jamie Munro introduces these and other related technologies by
having you work with sophisticated web forms. At the end of the book,
experienced and aspiring web developers alike will learn how to build a
complete shopping cart that demonstrates how these technologies interact
with each other in a sleek, dynamic, and responsive web application.
■ Build well-organized, easy-to-maintain web applications by
letting ASP.NET MVC 5, Bootstrap, and Knockout.js do the
heavy lifting
■ Use ASP.NET MVC 5 to build server-side web applications,
interact with a database, and dynamically render HTML
■ Create responsive views with Bootstrap that render on a
variety of modern devices; you may never code with CSS again
■ Add Knockout.js to enhance responsive web design with
snappy client-side interactions driven by your server-side web